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Oklahoma State University



Phil Shockley

Phil came to OSU via southern California in 2005 to establish a new photography department in University Marketing. His photos regularly appear in OSU marketing campaigns and on the covers of university publications, including its award-winning alumni magazine, STATE, and its athletics magazine, POSSE, as well as its academic college magazines.

Phil has also worked as a freelance commercial photographer for clients including Kinko's, Universal Studios, Petco, PEI and Jafra Cosmetics, as well as many editorial publications and advertising agencies. More recently, Phil has done work for Kicker and the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce.


Phil has a bachelor's degree in advertising/illustration photography from the renowned Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, Calif.

With more than two decades of experience, Phil is proficient in several photography genres, including studio and location portraiture, architecture, landscapes and studio table top/products. Since coming to OSU, he has expanded his skills to include sports photography, which was almost the only genre in which he had little experience.

His versatility makes him a huge asset to Oklahoma State. Versatility is useful when one considers the variety of subjects a university photographer shoots in a year. Phil says that's why OSU is such a great fit for him, adding that he loves his job's unpredictable nature.


Photography, Phil says, is "all about the light. If you have a good understanding of how light works — how to recognize light when it's good (or not), or how to create it from scratch, you can shoot just about any subject and create pretty nice imagery."