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Oklahoma State University



Brandee Cazzelle

Photo production coordinator Brandee Cazzelle joined OSU’s University Marketing in May 2014.

She’s bringing her expertise, talents and organizational skills learned during her 12 years at a busy photo studio in Missouri to help keep our photos (and photographers!) in line. And she’s incredibly enthusiastic about being at Oklahoma State University.


Brandee’s husband, Cory, is the daytime manager and chef at the Ranchers Club at the Atherton.

Their oldest daughter, Arianne, 18, just completed her freshman year at OSU; while Brandee is quite happy to have followed her daughter to OSU, that really wasn’t the original plan. The family moved from Missouri to be closer to Cory’s family who live in Stillwater.

Brandee and Cory have two younger children as well: budding football player Tyler, 14, and promising vocalist/musician Makenna, 13.

A golden retriever named Lucy rounds out their family.